Where on the Earth is Dmitry?

Hey folks,

This is a short note just to let you know that I'm OK and feel good. I'm now employed by Russian Aviation Holding Company "Irkut" and take part in very interesting international project of converting A320 from passenger to freighter.

Yeah, this is twist of fate, I was (and, believe me, I remain) a huge Boeing enthusiast, but have to work in partnership with Airbus now. On the flip side, this is a unique opportunity for me to to touch two bases.

My work implies long-term business trips in Germany, primarily in Dresden, where I stay now.

Take care! Tschüss!

My last day at Sukhoi

I finally left Sukhoi. Today was my last day there. Small costume party:

Life Vest

Ah, yes, the sweetest part, a respond on my farewell letter:


We will certainly miss your support, highly professional dedication and personal touch.

Your professionalism combined with your calm and practical approach to resolving issues and problems certainly helped the program in the positive direction.

I'm sure these same qualities will serve you well and add to the success of your future endeavors.

Wishing you all the best.

Hard decision

I'm about to leave Sukhoi for another company. Sukhoi seems to be ready to finally give me promotion and pay raise, but I have been waiting for too long and I don't see that Sukhoi is willing to care about its employees.

So, despite very close promotion I'm seriously considering to move for another Russian aviation holding company that has a big and interesting project with Western aircraft manufacturer.

The most interesting thing about this project is that it is being fully completed in Dresden, Germany. Which means I will not only have to move to another job, but to another country. This is very interesting thing, but very challenging, too.

I have already passed two interviews, including the one with my prospective supervisor. Franllky speaking, he made me very doubtful. Per his words I assume that the project has a lots of problems; and those problems look very similar to those I endure on Sukhoi right now. I'm not sure I want to go for it.

Next week will decide. Tuesday or Wednesday new company is to make me an offer. My supervisor at my current job is already aware that I'm about to leave. Most probably he will want to talk to me on the next week.

We'll see. Frankly speaking I feel myself very nervous.

This is captain speaking

What a day! I'm currently in Everett, WA. One of my local fellows took me today to Paine Field to the scenic flight on his Piper Archer II. But it was not just a scenic flight, he allowed me to control the aircaft for a while. The flight gave me soooo much pleasure!


Shame on me, I haven't been updating my blog for a pretty long time. Well, there were nothing exciting to describe.

Currently, I'm in despair. I've got neither pay raise nor promotion and I have no idea when I get them if I get them ever. My manager blames his manager for the delay, manager of my manager blames the top-management and this becomes an endless story.

OK, I still had some satisfaction from my job so far. But some--er, all!--top-management's moves and actions makes me sick. Thus, no money, no job satisfaction, what the hell I'm doing there?

I'm seriously considering leaving my current job and look for the new one. This will be really hard for me to quit. I've got great colleagues, great opportunity to achieve new professional level, great possibility to do what I always wanted to do. But this doesn't ding in my pocket.

One year

This day, exactly a year ago, I started to work at Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company after I left Moscow's Boeing branch.

This was a very interesting, exciting and challenging year. I achieved something, but there's a whole bunch of thing to be achieved in future.

I still haven't got a promotion and pay raise, but hopefully, will get it soon. Otherwise, I'll have to leave, although I really don't want to leave now.

New Program Director for Sukhoi Superjet 100

Hey folks,

Some of you might remember Alexey Gurevich, Business Unit Director and Org Development Director at Boeing Russia. My manager at Boeing reported to senior manager who reported to Alexey, so technically I used to be under Alexey's supervision while at Boeing.

Guess what?

Alexey has moved to Sukhoi! Today was his first day as a Program Director for Sukhoi Superjet. And you know what? My supervisor reports to Program Management Office Director who will report to Alexey. I will be under Alexey's supervision again!

We're back

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for ages. Even though I've got some things to share, I don't have enough inspiration.

The most important thing at this moment is that we've got back from our trip to the States. Actually, we were back home on April, 15th. We had very memorable trip, met my old friends, saw lots of cool places, attended Jewish wedding, drove right by the ocean shore, walked through the NYC.

I hope I will share some pictures soon.

As for the other topics. I feel that I must to share with you some thoughts about how it is going on at me new job. Yes, I will do this, too.

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned.